FBA students raise nearly £300 for charity!

Year 9 Business Students at the Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls in Romford, held their very own Pre-Easter Dragon’s Den Event, where they researched the market to ascertain potential wants and needs and set up a Business, providing products that would meet the identified needs. The student’s mini-businesses all made profit and each team had the opportunity to send their profits to a charity of their choice. It was a very successful event and £292.85 was the total amount raised for Charity.

Mrs Sosan Naqavi, Teacher of Business said ‘the students did exceptionally well and were very professional throughout the event’ and Mrs Polliner Chukwuma, Head of Business Studies said ‘The aim of the initiative was to enrich the student’s learning journey by enabling them to put the theory they had just learned into practice, but also, to teach them about the concept of corporate social responsibility – as Businesses that make profit from a community, should also be prepared to give something back’.

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