Screen Free Day at FBA!

Wednesday 3rd February has been declared a Screen Free Day at FBA!

We are aware that spending too much time looking at a screen can have negative effects on our well-being and that remote learning has significantly increased the amount of time our students are spending on screen every day.

Therefore on Wednesday 3rd February, which was calendared as an off timetable Personal Development Day, will be set aside as a Screen Free Day.

Normal live lessons will not take place and instead we have come up with a menu of activities your child can carry out which do not require the use of a screen. These vary from creative writing to conducting a bird watch survey and from cooking a simple recipe to taking part in the Havering Walking Challenge.

The full range of activities with instructions will be shared via Show My Homework. It is up to students to decide which activities and how many they want to carry out on the day. For a minority of challenges, for instance those involving cooking, we are making it clear in the guidance that parental permission/supervision is required.

We hope that this day will give the students a chance to try something new, develop a new skill and perhaps discover a new interest.

Live lessons by zoom will resume on Thursday 4th February.

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