Year 12 Business Students examine Budgeting at FBA

On Wednesday 26thMay 21, Year 12 Business Students were visited by the Trust’s Director of Operations, Mrs Denise Broom. Mrs Broom provided the students with an overview of Budget Setting and Monitoring at the Trust. The students learned about the Source of the Trust’s Finances, the way that Cashflow Forecasting is handled at the Trust and the Quality Assurance Systems the Fund has in place to ensure that variance analyses on budgets are investigated in a timely fashion and adjustments made, to ensure the Trust does not experience liquidity problems. Shahana Kiritharan, A’Level Business Studies Subject Ambassador said ‘… the presentation was insightful and helped to show how budgeting worked‘ whilst Yolanda Nwosa, Year 12 Business Student and Hospitality Manager for the event stated that ‘the practical workings of budgeting was informative‘. Mrs Polliner Chukwuma, Head of Business at the Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls said that ‘the Aim of the presentation was to enable students to see the link between theory and practice’.

We are grateful to Mrs Broom for the sacrifice of her time 😊

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