A’Level Business Students examine the strategic position of FBA – With Life Trust’s CEO – Julian Dutnall

On Tuesday 20th July 2021, A’Level Business Studies Students were visited by the Trust’s Chief Executive, Mr Julian Dutnall. The students had been learning how to analyse the strategic position of a Business and have particularly examined mission and vision statements of companies in different sectors, as well as the factors that influenced their formation or their change. Mr Dutnall provided the students with an overview of FBA’s Mission, Vision, Corporate Aims and Objectives, the factors that influenced their formation and explained how the above, together with the school’s ethos and values are seen around the school on an everyday basis.

Shahana Kiritharan, A’Level Business Studies Subject Ambassador said ‘I found the presentation very interesting as it allowed me to understand what a school trust entails. What really surprised me was how Mr Dutnall works with different schools within the trust in terms of setting objectives, strategies and beliefs to help to achieve the Life Trust’s overall mission. I particularly liked how he used the concept of branding to achieve their mission as well. Mrs Polliner Chukwuma, Head of Business Studies said that ‘there are many factors and voices that influence the Mission, Vision, Aims, Objectives and overall ethos of a Business and one of these will often be the voice of experience. The insight from the personal journey that Mr Dutnall shared with the students provided them with an insight into the reality of the stakeholder conflict that can occur when key changes are made’.

We are grateful to Mr Dutnall for the sacrifice of his time 😊

Polliner Chukwuma
Head of Business Studies, FBA

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