Railway & Engineering Club in Germany – Day 1

All went well.

We spoke to Ryanair Helpdesk, who kindly arranged a seperate luggage and boarding card processing desk for us before going through UK security into the Lounge area (busy as usual at this time).

Flight was very quick, arriving to a pre-recorded Ryanair fanfare over the tannoy for arriving on time. 

So on we went. Just need to wear masks on public transport. A short walk from the Opladen train station – we had to go into Koln Messe/Deutz where we changed train – found us arriving in sunny skies albeit slightly humid conditons, at the back of Marienschule, our partner school, where we were greeted by Annette.

We went through the school to find a classroom, where there were some snacks and drinks and we were fromally welcomed by Annette. Later a group of the students came to meet with the girls and we met up with Ulrich Rasbach and an English teacher. The MSO students were guided to speak to our girls and very quickly they were comparing notes about school day, uniform or not, etc. The mixing went well.

Following on from that we made our way to the hotel only to find we couldn’t check in until 3pm – we were early by about 1 hour 20. We stayed outside and sat under an large umbrella covered area near a Halal food shop, had some lunch and with only 2 minutes to go before we could enter the hotel… the heavens opened and we had to take shelter in the restaurant! We were only 50 metres from our destination and it was a torrential downpour.

Needless to say we were soaked !

We got into the hotel, sorted rooms and had a few hours relaxing before heading out to Koln Zentrum. The skies had cleared and it was less humid.

We walked aroud the Koln Dom (Cathedral) – building started in 1248 and was completed 600 years later. While we were there we had the good fortune to hear the organ being played.

A short walk later and were sat down for a traditional German meal – you know SchweinsSchnitzel und kartoffeln oder Wurst mit kartoffeln und salat or a variation to that theme – before returning to the Koln Hautbahnhof and catching a train to Opladen. Bed at 10:10, journal writing and lights out 10:30. A long day.

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