Railway & Engineering Club in Germany – Day 2

We had an early start after an excellent buffet Frühstuck as the train to Bonn Hauptbahnhoff left at 08:15 hrs with our student friends from Marianschule Opladen. 

Arrived at Deutsches Museum in the Bonn-Bad area on the U-Bahn.

The museum was newly dedicated to exploring ideas about Artificial Intelligence and we had an excellent talk given by the Museum staff all about it.

After an superb packed lunch provided by the hotel, we started walking down to the River Rhine accompanied by our hosts (15 students and 2 teachers). We walked a really good distance along the banks taking in the Planetenlehrpfad – a scaled down version of the Planets of the Solar system in their size and separation one from the other – all students demonstrating a surprising amount of stamina. This was probably helped by the knowledge of a visit to a HARIBO (HArald RIchter of BOnn) shop!

We returned to the hotel after a long day in the warmth of a summer day in Bonn, the former capital city of Germany.

Our evening meal was taken in a local restaurant – opposite the hotel – which provide a rang of foods to suit all palates.

The girls slowed down a little – although some HARIBO was enjoyed by all – before they had lights out at 22:30 hrs.

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