Railway & Engineering Club in Germany – Day 3

Guten Morgen.

Our German Immersion continues !

I have to warn you of some “poor” Dad jokes as you read. So here goes …

We planned a later arrival to the Frühstuckrauhm (if only to avoid my “Guten Morgen” and accompanied nod to be subsequently negated by two gentlemen speaking fluent English!) so that we could have it all to ourselves. It worked. We had the same excellent selection of cold meats and cheeses, hot scrambled egg and sausages (not the time for that Wurst joke here!), cereals and multi-vitamin juices as well as Turkish delight and sweets. Have I missed anything? Coffee or Tea.

“Mens sana In corpore sano” has been our motto so far… Tuesday saw us dealing with the corpore (body) making it sano (healthy) by a lot of walking; today it was the turn of the mens (mind) being sano’ed (made healthy).

4 students from Bonn University Physics Faculty organised the students to present “Physics is Fun”. To get the thought juices flowing, they presented the transfer of a tea bag suspended from a party balloon by using the Bernoulli principle and a hair dryer – you had to be there! After that the students had to mix up, find an investigation and work out a story/drama to show off their experiment and give understanding of the principle – we had the Can Crush; Flame Tornado; Angular Momentum with a Bicycle Wheel; Firing a Gauss Gun; Tyndall’s Light Scattering in Milk and, to finish, the Water Bottle Rocket.

The preparation took the morning and presentation the afternoon – they bookended the pizzas for lunch session and trying out different forms of transport – PoGo stick, skateboard, stilts, etc. !

We wended our way back towards the hotel and the pedestrian precinct, where the girls went on an exploration of every shop. The Year 10’s took the opportunity to further develop their Physics understanding by combining fluid motion, pressure differentials, drying speeds of different fabrics in a large experiment of ther own. Yes, they found some water pistols! The experiment proved that the latent heat of vapourisation was influenced by how much thermal energy was emitted by black trousers as opposed to beige trousers. No animal was harmed in this experiment!

From 18:00 hrs we met up with the MSO crew, the girls playing a mass game of Uno. It was so good to see their happy interaction.

At 20:00 hrs we went to the same restaurant opposite our hotel and, with a good meal onboard, returned to our rooms for lights out at 22:30.

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