Code Of Conduct

At FBA we believe everyone has the following rights:

  • The right to be safe
  • The right to learn
  • The right to be treated with respect.

The one rule which applies to all of us in school is:

Everyone will act with courtesy and consideration to others at all times.

Always follow the school rules about behaviour and uniform, this includes having the right school bag, no piercings and no hair colours, beading or hair and nail extensions. Mobile phones and i-pods are not allowed.

This means that:

1. You always try to understand the other person’s point of view. This means: You should have tolerance of each other’s strengths and weaknesses; regardless of gender, race, disability or age.

2. In class you always ensure that others have the right to learn. This means:

  • Prompt arrival at the start of each lesson with everything you need
  • Beginning and ending the lesson in a courteous and orderly way
  • Listening carefully and following instructions
  • Helping each other when appropriate
  • Being quiet and sensible at all times.

3. You move quietly around the school. This means:

  • Keeping to the left in corridors and on stairs
  • Being ready to help others by opening doors, offering to carry things and letting others pass
  • Never running, barging or shouting
  • Queuing sensibly and quietly at the Bus Stop.

4. You always speak politely to everyone. This means:

  • Saying “Yes Sir” or “Yes Miss” when the register is being called
  • Saying “Please” and “Thank you” when asking for something
  • Avoiding shouting as it is always discourteous.

5. You keep the school clean and tidy so that it is a welcoming place of which we can all be proud. This means:

  • Putting all litter in the bins even when it doesn’t belong to you
  • Looking after the rooms by keeping walls and furniture clean and unmarked
  • Taking particular care of wall displays
  • Taking care not to damage the trees and plants in the grounds.

6. Out of School Walking locally, traveling on the bus or out with a school group, you always remember that the school’s reputation depends on the way you behave.

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