Code Of Conduct

Student code of conduct

FBA is our school. We come here to learn. This is how we aspire to excellence and care about everyone in our diverse community:

-We treat all other members of the school community with respect regardless of their gender, race disability, age, sexuality, and religious background

-We follow instructions from an adult

-We arrive for lessons on time

-We wear our school uniform as expected with pride

-We have the correct equipment for lessons

-We bring in homework on the appropriate day

-We participate actively in lesson and focus on our work

-We speak to each other calmly and with respect

-We move around the school safely and considerately without littering or electronic devices

-We use the toilet, visit our lockers and fill water bottles at break/ lunchtime or before school

Remember it is as simple as ABC:

  • Always work hard
  • Be Kind  
  • Cooperate

Well done to our 2019 students for FBA's best A Level results ever!

A*-B - 55%
A*-C - 85%
A*-D - 97%
100% Pass Rate

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