The aims and objectives of the Edexcel Economics A Qualification will enable students to:

Develop an interest in, and enthusiasm for the subject.
Appreciate the contribution of Economics to the understanding of the wider economic and social environment.
Develop an understanding of a range of concepts and an ability to use those concepts in a variety of different contexts.
Use of enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to the study of Economics and develop an ability to think as an economist.
Understand that economic behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives.
Develop analytical and quantitative skills, alongside qualities and attitudes that will equip students for challenges, opportunities and responsibilities of adult and working life.

Teaching and Learning

Students are encouraged to work effectively together through collaborative learning activities including group work, class discussions, group presentations and classroom debates.

Assessment for learning

Assessment feedback is given orally and in written format with closing the gap questions at the end of every theme in their homework and assessment books.  Students are assessed formally at the end of every topic.          

Home Learning

Students are expected to do prescribed pre-reading before class with regular essays set for homework.
Students are expected to make notes on all pre-reading to enhance learning.
Show my Homework – all home learning activities will be published by staff on the Show my Homework website.


A4 Folder, A4 Notebook, Edexcel Economics Textbook


Key Stage 5


Programme of study

Students follow the Edexcel Economics A syllabus  

Specification number: 9EC0

Link to the specification website:

Year 12

Theme 1: Introductions to Markets and Market failure

Theme 2: The UK Economy – Performance and Policies

Year 13

Theme 3: Business Behaviour and the Labour Market

Theme 4: A global perspective

Accredidation Structure

Component Mode of Assessment Weighting
Paper 1 : Markets and Business Behaviour

Written Examination

100 marks

2 hours

Questions based on Themes 1 and 3

35% of the total qualification
Paper 2: The National and Global Economy

Written Examination

100 marks

2 hours

Questions based on Themes 2 and 4

35% of the total qualification
Paper 3: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Written Examination

100 marks

2 hours

Questions based on all four themes

30% of the total qualification
Additional Information 

Revision sessions will be held in the Easter holiday and over half term. Students are able to get one to one tutoring during the school week if needed.

External Revision Conferences are scheduled before Mock Exams in May.

How Parents/ Carers can help

Please encourage your daughter to watch the news on a daily basis. Students are expected to keep up to date with relevant economic and political news which can aid their macroeconomic understanding in lessons. All exam papers require relevant up to date information as a basis of evaluation and analysis.

Key Websites such as Tutor2U and are useful for revision.

There are some excellent Youtube videos from ‘econplusdal’ to reinforce topics learnt in lessons, but also as a guide to answering essay exam style questions

You can help your daughter by reading through her essay, helping with general structure, punctuation and spelling.

You could help further by testing your daughter on key words associated with theory but also by asking her to explain a news article based on economic theory and diagrams learnt in lessons..

If you have any further questions about this course, to whom do I speak?

Mr Javed – Head of Economics

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