Joint Headteachers’ Weekly Message

This Week at FBA

(11th – 15th October 2021)

The students at FBA continue to work hard and there is a very studious atmosphere as we walk around the school.  We are really delighted that the students are so engaged in their learning especially the Year 11 and Year 13 who are preparing for mock examinations.

Year 13 Geography Field Trip – Whitby

We will be communicating very shortly about the plans for the Covid -19 vaccination programme for 11-15 year olds which we will help support. Students that are 16 – 18 can access the vaccine already and further information can be found at

Good luck to the students in Year 11 as they take part in the Duke of Edinburgh qualifying expedition this weekend. Let’s hope the weather is kinder to you this time round.

Roadworks – advanced notice

The roadworks on Brentwood Road seem to be never ending and there will be further sewerage works taking place outside the school between the 15th – 19th November which will affect the flow of traffic. The girls do need to take into account the disruption this causes so they can leave enough time to get to school on time. We do expected students to be in school by 8:30 as Period 1 and learning starts at 8:35.

The London Borough of Havering is continuing to support families via the School Holiday Meal Scheme. The scheme is a way of providing funds to ensure that eligible families can purchase food over the October half-term holiday to replace the meals a child would have received during a school day.

Eligible families can apply to receive £15 per child per week to support with meals.

The application window opens on Monday 18 October at 9am and closes on Monday 25 October at 5pm. Families who received payment via the scheme previously do not need to reapply and will automatically receive the funds into their nominated bank account by week commencing Monday 25 October.

Details about the scheme will be updated on the Council’s website from Friday 15 October, with the application form going live from Monday 18 October.

TfL Project Guardian

This week, Year 9 took part in the TfL Project Guardian as part of the ‘Report it to stop it’ campaign. The session was led by a TfL representative and two Police Officers to educate students about staying safe on public transport and what to do if they were the victim of unwanted sexual contact. Students found the session informative and useful, and the team delivering the session were very impressed with the participation and maturity of the students involved.

Thank you to Mrs McGrath for organising this for the students.

Charity Events at FBA

Last week’s #HelloYellow event raised a fabulous £119.16 for the charity Young Minds. It was great to see the splash of colour from the yellow additions to the uniform throughout the day.

Year 12 Enterprise Projects: The Year 12 are working hard on their enterprise projects to raise money for a range of charities such as Save the Children, Richard House Children’s Hospice and the Sickle Cell Society. Hopefully all their hard work and generosity from the school community will pay off.

Bake Sale in The Lodge: There was a bake sale held today to raise money for some winter jackets for Rosie and Rocky. Thanks to all the staff and students that donated items and bought the cakes and biscuits.

Language of the Month for October—African Languages

In October, our Languages of the Month are African languages. Out of the 2,000 languages spoken in Africa, 16 of them are represented and spoken by students at FBA – Afrikaans, Akan/Twi-Fante, Amharic, Arabic, Edo/Bini, French, Fula/Fulfulde-Pulaar, Igbo, Krio, Lingala, Luganda, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili/Kiswahili, West-African Creole Portuguese, and Yoruba.

We are amulti-lingual school community – amongst our student population at FBA we speak 48 different languages! Our top 10 languages at FBA this year are English, Urdu, Romanian, Bengali, Panjabi, Arabic, Albanian/shqip, Lithuanian, Bulgarian and Tamil.


The sporting fixtures are returning to the school and the borough which is great for the students.

This week the Year 8A Netball team played against Emerson Park School. It was our first fixture and we won 14-9! Well done to all of the girls who took part.

There is a wide range of clubs that the PE Department run each week. These will also change throughout the year.

Before School   Basketball (all years)  Leisure Badminton (all years)
After School From 3:00pmNetball (Y7)  
Netball (Y10/11/12)   Football (Y9/10/11)   Leisure Trampolining   Dance Club (Y7/8/9)
Rugby (all years)  Football (Y7/8)   Fitness (all years)  Netball (Y8/9)   Squad Badminton (selected)   Dance Club (Y10/11)  Squad Trampolining / Gymnastics

On Thursday, we took some Year 7, 8s and 9s to the Havering Cross Country Championships. All girls were selected out of their year group to compete and they gave it their all. It was a tough race and they all took it in their stride and performed exceptionally well. The PE Department are very proud of all girls who competed. A special mention for Alanta in Year 8 who came 10th overall.

Well done to:

Year 7Year 8Year 9

FBA Sixth Form

RPA event

The Sixth Form team were at the New City College on Wednesday promoting the opportunities at the school. There was excellent feedback from the prospective students and parents. Thank you to Miss Mond, Miss Harris, Miss Woods and Molly and Victoria from Year 13.

Yr 11 Taster Day – Wednesday 20th October

Next Wednesday, the Year 11 students will be a member of the Sixth Form for the day. They will attend A-level and BTEC lessons to find out about what life is like in the Sixth Form.

To accommodate this, most of Year 12 and 13 will have home study for the day and work will be set via SMHW or Google Classroom.

The Farm

On the farm this week, our new Farm Leaders have been appointed. Across this academic year, they will learn how to care for large and small animals, as well as our poultry and waterfowl, alongside developing leadership skills and supporting other students who visit the farm.

We also took delivery of more hay and straw bales, which we source from a local arable farm. We use wheat straw for bedding for our goats, ponies, rabbits, guinea pig, chickens and ducks. Wheat straw has hard stems, so does not flatten easily, thus keeping our animals cushioned and warm during chilly nights. It is also not as moist as hay, so is unlikely to grow mould or spores. We use fresh hay as part of a staple diet for our rabbits, guinea pig, goats and ponies, who all need large amounts of fibrous food, which should make up at least 80% of their dietary intake.

The FBA Railway

After an enforced break owing to the Covid 19 restrictions, we have been delighted to welcome back the volunteers who help out with the FBA railway. Mr Wheadon has been working with them to run short workshops for the students in Years 7 and 8 and to get the trains running again. Plans are afoot for our own HS2-ish expansion which will hopefully bring further opportunities for our students to get involved in engineering projects.

We hope you all have an enjoyable and restful weekend and enjoy the autumnal sunshine whilst it lasts.

David Turrell and Emilie Darabasz

Joint Headteachers

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