Post-results Services Consent Form Summer 2022

To request a Review of Results (RoR) service and/or an Access to Scripts (ATS) service, complete the required information in the white boxes and sign and date the form to confirm the required consent. Please remember to pay in order for your request to be submitted.

A summary of the services available are referenced below.

Post-results Services Consent Form Summer 2022

Awarding Body
Qualification Level
Subject Title
Paper No.
Service Ref.
Fee (£)

R1 & R2 - Candidate consent (Required)

I give my consent to the head of my school or college to submit a clerical re-check or a review of marking for the examination(s) listed above. In giving consent I understand that the final subject grade and/or mark awarded to me following a clerical re-check or a review of marking, and any subsequent appeal, may be lower than, higher than, or the same as the result which was originally awarded for this subject.

A1 & A2- Candidate consent for access to and use of examination scripts(Required)
I consent to my scripts being accessed by my centre. Select ONE of the statements Below:
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Ref. JCQ Post-Results Service Details of the Service
R1 Service 1: Clerical re-check

Deadline: 29 September 2022
Re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result… This service will include the following checks:
• that all parts of the script have been marked;
• the totalling of marks;
• the recording of marks.
R2 Service 2: Review of marking

Deadline: 29 September 2022
Post-results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly...
Reviewers will not re-mark the script. They will only act to correct any errors identified in the original marking…
This service will include:
• the clerical re-checks detailed in Service 1;
• a review of marking as described above
PR2 Service 2P: Priority Review of Marking

Deadline:25 August 2022
This service is as Service 2. However, it is only available if a GCE A-level candidate’s place in higher education is
dependent on the outcome. Any applications not meeting these criteria will be treated as normal Service 2 requests.
The deadline for completion is within 18 calendar days of the awarding body receiving the request.
A2 ATS: Copy of script

Deadline: 29 September 2022 
A photocopy or the original of the student’s script.

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