At Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls, PSHCEE is a planned programme of study through which our students are encouraged to become independent, confident and responsible citizens not only within school, but also in the wider world.

PSHCEE helps to safeguard students, support their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experience that life will bring.

Students will experience PSHCEE within planned sessions during a form time each week, with students in Year 7 and Year 10 also having timetabled lessons during the school day. PSHCEE themes are also covered in a range of subject areas including Religious Studies and Drama as well as part of our programme of Big Activity Days.  

The three core themes that are covered in PSHCEE lessons are: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, and Living in the Wider World.

The Health and Wellbeing theme covers issues such as:

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Diet and healthy lifestyles
  • Promoting self esteem
  • Transition to KS3/KS4
  • Mental health and emotional wellbeing

The Relationships theme covers issues such as:

  • Sex and relationships education
  • Diversity, prejudice and discrimination,
  • Personal values

The Living in the Wider World theme covers issues such as:

  • Understanding careers and future aspiration
  • Work experience and applying for jobs
  • Budgeting
  • Enterprise

Should you have any questions about our PSHCEE curriculum, or would like to know more information, please contact Mrs McGrath (

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