Exhibition of Childhood


The Appleby Gallery proudly presents ‘The Exhibition of Childhood’. Curated by Lisa Walker, this exhibition comprises toys and childhood memorabilia that have been collected from the local community of Havering. Remembering our childhood can bring a sense of joy and nostalgia. Over the decades, toys and childhood games have evolved and with this exhibition, we can look back with fondness on what it was like ‘in our day’.

Since the arrival of Covid19 and the subsequent lockdowns, there seems to have been a revival in toys and games. Many have been revisiting old games and hobbies as a way of passing the time. Looking at toys, board games and books have been some of the many ways people have united as a family away from screen-time.

Amongst the many items loaned to us are a doll which belonged to Vera Phillipo of Norwich, born in 1917.  Vera’s younger sister caught scarlett fever as a child, to kill any germs the doll was baked in an oven causing the dolls body to disintegrate.  The doll was reconstructed by Vera’s parents and she kept it in her bedroom until her death at the age of 97.  The doll was bequeathed to the granddaughter of Vera’s neighbour following her death in 2015.

Many thanks to Havering Museum, Mr J Dutnall, Mrs C Sinnot, Mrs B Vickers, Ms FSpinks, Mrs L Coughlin, Mr D Chumley, Roxanne Chamberlain, Irene Lavington, Isabella Pavitt, and Ms B Lynch, for their support with this exhibition.

For any information about the exhibits please contact Lisa Walker

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Gallery Activity

Have you checked out our Exhibition of Childhood? If not why not get creative and have a go at the three mini task activities.  All you need is paper, pencils or other drawing equipment. This activity is perfect for those in years 7, 8, and 9 but equally, anyone can have a go. We would love to see your drawings and encourage you to share them with us via our Twitter page @FBA_Gallery. Or by emailing Mrs. Walker or Ms. Lines here or

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