Memory Lanes, Ralph Overill

The Appleby Gallery welcomes back Ralph Overill for his second solo exhibition with us.

Memory Lanes explores the role roads and journeys play in our making and recalling of memories, bringing together two series of work made while researching on a Professional Doctorate in Fine Art course. 

In ‘Searching for the Green Man’, Ralph adventures into his past, re-enacting road trips taken with his father when he was around 8 years old. Together, father and son revisit the old-English churches, pubs and country lanes of Essex they used to drive around on weekend afternoons, with a loose mission of searching for traces of the folk entity, the Green Man. Paper stencil screen prints are made from documentary footage of the event in a process of material remembering and forgetting.

In ‘Carriageway Creature-Features’, Ralph draws upon his repeated journeys up and down the A13, depicting how his imagination was inspired by the raw, vacant landscape. His memories of classic Sci-Fi movies were awakened as he drove through the non-place of the carriageway and these cinematic images merged with roadside views to create scenarios where Godzilla could be seen towering over the slip road to Tilbury, or a giant octopus might be glimpsed surfacing between the pylons.  

Ralph Overill is an artist printmaker, studying on a Professional Doctorate in Fine Art course at University of East London. He works part-time as a printmaking technician at Havering College and exhibits regularly in London and Essex. ‘Searching for the Green Man’ was made possible by a research grant awarded by the UEL Graduate School.

To watch the complete video made by Ralph which is part of the exhibition please click here.

Instagram: between_the_images

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