Havering Council (the Local Authority) is the admissions authority for our school. Their website provides information about admission arrangements and the appeals process.

This should tell you all that you need to know about catchment areas, the date by which parents with children due to begin school next year should be registered at a school and other important admissions details.


Havering Council coordinates entry to Havering schools and will notify the school and parent/ carer when a place is allocated. For entries during the school year, we will invite the parent/carer and daughter to a pre-admission interview. If your daughter has previously attended a school in the UK, we will ask them to provide information on your daughter’s attendance, punctuality, behaviour and attainment so we can ensure she is supported from the start of her time here with us.

For further information on In Year Admissions please click here


Havering Council (the Local Authority) sets the oversubscription criteria and makes the decision about which students are admitted. Applications from out of borough residents will be considered using the same admissions criteria. The law requires that no distinction be made between children resident in Havering and those resident in other areas.

The law requires also that all schools must have admission arrangements that clearly set out how children will be admitted, including the criteria that will be applied if there are more applications than places at the school. Admission arrangements are determined (formally agreed) by admission authorities.​

The determined admission arrangements for schools in the borough can be viewed on the Havering Admissions Information page.


From September 2020, 10% of our Year 7 intake to the Frances Bardsley Academy will be selected by music aptitude. The selection will take place through the use of a Music Aptitude test. The test is designed to assess music aptitude and not musical ability.

Whilst we request information about musical instruments played by students this does not make part of the criteria for selection. Students will not be disadvantaged for not currently being able to play a musical instrument; however, there is an expectation that they will partake in the musical life of the school once they join.

For the Music Aptitude process 2022 -2023 cohort Please find our Supplementary Information Form (SIF) here

Our Music Aptitude Test takes place after the September Open Evening and results are posted before the deadline day for handing in forms to Havering Borough Admissions on October 31st 2022. The tests will be held on Saturday 8th October 2022 and dependent upon the number of applicants, there may be two sittings. 

Application forms are available via the school website

Please complete the Application Form in BLOCK CAPITALS and return by Friday 30th September 2022 via:

  • Post – Admissions: Music Aptitude Application, Frances Bardsley Academy, Brentwood  Road, Romford, RM1 2RR    


Please note that applicants MUST also complete the Common Application Form (CAF) and return it to the local authority by 31st October 2022. The CAF form can be found here

We will accept 24 students based on the Music Aptitude test. There is a pass mark for the test and students will be ranked according to their result. A waiting list will be kept if more than 24 pass the test.

We will inform you by letter whether your daughter has reached a high enough score to be considered for a music place before the secondary transfer local authority deadline for completion of the secondary transfer form (31st October 2022). If your daughter reaches the required score it does not guarantee a music place at the school.
If your daughter has reached the required score and you wish your daughter to be considered for a music place you must rank FBA on your list of school preferences.
In the event of a tie-break being required under this criterion, places will be allocated using Distance criteria (criteria 6).
If your daughter does not meet the required score you are still welcome to rank FBA on your secondary transfer form but the application will be considered under the Distance criteria (criteria 6).   Under the application for Music aptitude, Section E Tie break in the Frances Bardsley Academy Admissions Policy does not apply.


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