The Appleby Gallery


Here at the The Appleby Gallery we work in partnership with teachers and educators at the Frances Bardsley Academy to devise a relevant program of education in response to each exhibition.

The gallery engages with established and emerging artists to offer a comprehensive exhibition program that accurately represents the art world and offers a high quality art experience to all users of the gallery, including FBA students and staff and schools from the surrounding area.

We are committed to supporting our local creative and artistic community by offering a program of exhibitions, events and workshops that enable them to develop their practice.

We are also dedication to the cultural enrichment of Havering and the surrounding areas by sponsor activities to promote the understanding and appreciation of art by all members of the community.

Ultimately we strive to make art and the creative process available to those who might not otherwise have access to them through community outreach to all age groups: children, adults and seniors.


Lisa Walker- Curator 

Clare Dorber – Head of Visual Art


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