At The Frances Bardsley Academy we have a duty to safeguard the wellbeing of all our students. We also encourage our students to treat each other equally, with dignity and respect.

As a school we do not accept any form of mental, emotional or physical bullying. When bullying is reported we take it very seriously and there are consequences.

We continue to aim to prevent bullying, however understand it is an ongoing issue. We acknowledge that there may be incidents and advise our students to:

  1. Try to stay calm, be firm, clear and tell them to stop.
  2. Do not retaliate, as this could get you in trouble or hurt – walk away.
  3. Keep a record, save any messages or write down what has happened in your own words.
  4. Tell a member of staff or parent/guardian/carer what has happened.

(If you are afraid to tell someone, tell a friend and then tell someone together)


  • No one deserves to be bullied for any reason.
  • Do not ignore bullying, if it is happening to you or you see it happening – report it.
  • Do not try and prevent bullying yourself, it is a common belief that ‘teachers make it worse’ we will try out best to be as supportive and discreet as needed.

Should a parent/guardian/carer or student have concerns they should:

  • Speak to a Member of the Safeguarding or WISE team.
  • Speak with their Form tutor or Progress Manager.
  • Refer to the following links for information and support.

Friendship Issues & Bullying – FBA Parent Talk




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